Saturday, May 17, 2008

Game Informer

Well, I was feasting on the flesh of some tasty little players yesterday and in-between their screams of absolute and total pain, we got to talking and the old Wyvern Game Informer article came up. That is, of course, once they stopped begging for their lives while tears flowed freely down their rump little faces that you could just eat up. But I digress. The point is, it got me thinking and I thought it would make an okay blog post, if for no other reason than to document the article for posterity's sake.

For those of you who missed out, I'll give you a quick backstory; "It was a cold winter's day back in December of '04. The sun was glistening on fresh banks of snow as far as the eye could see. Out in the distance one could view the most magnificent sight of a lone..." What? Right, right, it was supposed to be a quick backstory. Skipping ahead then; "In turned out that a player made an excited forum post about the game getting reviewed in a magazine. Naturally, I laughed it off, thinking it another attempt by the players to mess with each other. However, the discussion continued and the post was followed up with a transcript of the article, which made it a little more believable, but with these rugrats you never know. So I returned to my meal of roast halfling and put the nonsense out of my mind. Days went by since then and I found myself at Barnes and Noble buying a pile of books, as I'm known to do. On a whim, I walked over to the magazine section and began rummaging around looking for this Game Informer magazine that held the alleged article. At first the magazine was nowhere to be found and I was about to walk away, but then..." What's that? This isn't getting to the point any quicker you say? All of this is just pointless little details that nobody cares about? Well I never... oh, all right, you win. The point is I found the article, scanned it into my computer, and posted it on the forums for players to see. Not very exciting and I know you don't care. Honestly, I don't either, but I just filled up another paragraph on this blog that would've worked fine just having had the pictures and nothing else. Ha! Ha! My plan to bore you all to death is working perfectly!

Okay, fine, fine, I'm done with the insanity (for now). I'll leave you off with two more pictures (below). To give a complete picture I photographed the magazine cover and the page that the article was on. As you can see it's nothing huge, but I found it interesting that one of the players I was talking to yesterday came to the game this year because of the article. He had noticed it back when it came out, but ignored it until recently. So it's still having an effect and it's a nice little thing that adds a bit of notability to Wyvern. Plus, it's so minor that the Game Informer website doesn't mention it on its website under the details for this issue, so I figured, hey, it deserves to be documented somewhere and what better place then among my ramblings? No really, tell me of a better place. It deserves much more than this dinky little blog. If it could talk it would be screaming for help right this second. And wait, I think it's actually doing that. Yes! Yes! I can hear it! ... oh, my bad. That's just another voice in my head, trying to mess with me... great, now he's laughing at me. Well he's not getting the last laugh. No sir!

Btw, for those of you interested, your friendly neighborhood wizards are planning something big (I kid you not) and to wet your appetites I might just make a blog post next month that slightly scratches the surface of what it will be. But you have to good little boys and girls. Otherwise I may just have to sacrifice Mr. Wiggles to the monster that lives under your bed and we don't want that, now do we? Well... maybe you don't. Mwuahahaha! But seriously, it's something very exciting that I'm sure you're all going to love it once you know what it is.