Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Day of Summer Feast - The Screenshots

As expected, not many of you took the time to help document the day. Which is totally fine as I didn't want people to have to worry about stopping in the middle of their fun to take screenshots unless they really wanted to. So, I have a collection of my own for all of you to use to remember the fun. Enjoy...

Arilou's Screenshots:

Ah, the trivia contest. Out of the three I ran, this is from the first. Everyone flocked into this one map when called and sat down to try their hand at winning some feast tokens. The plan was to ask ten questions and give out four tokens as a 1st prize, two tokens as a 2nd prize, and one token as a 3rd prize. But, it was a four way tie with those four people each getting two questions right so I just gave them each two tokens.

Here players excitedly wait for Teshuvah's Mining Lq to begin.

The Mining Lq just ended (thus the pickaxes flung carelessly across the ground) and players returned to stuffing their faces with food so that they could become all the better for me to eat. I must say, players are a strange kind of prey. They just flock around a hungry predator, seeming not to care that they are making said predator's job all the more easy. I'm not sure if it's foolishness or stupidity. Perhaps a combination of both. As you can see from this screenshot one, especially tasty look halfling, even dared to think that simply surrounding me could cause me to be trapped.

Like Stone Giants to the slaughter, a large group of players gather in preparation for the day's Pk Lq.

Players find that the Conqueror Wurm's army has destroyed a small elven community and are in the process of digging through the area in search of the famed relic. "Bravely," the band of selfish vagabonds do battle with Nec-Bathat's followers in hopes of stopping their reign of destruction here before too many more lives are lost.

As it turns out, those "heroes" couldn't save their way out of a paper bag and so the Conqueror Wurm is able to move on to destroy the hamlet known as Bilyn's Town. They once again confront Nec-bathat's followers and once again...

their being there only barely slowed the army's search for the relic and so they are able to determine that it is not there and move on to destroy Fallwick. As you can see from this shot of Fallwick, a Stone Giant bravely fights a pair of deadly Glabrezus, while a Paladin leaves him for dead and appears to be searching for a corner to hide in. Typical.

But wait, here the Paladin is seen going up against the Conqueror Wurm. Or so it seems... clearly, his hiding spot had been discovered and after trying to flee, he found himself cornered. No doubt he is wetting himself at this moment. Poor little Paladin.

And so the Conqueror Wurm moves on to obliterate another poor village. This time we see a pair of those brave (is being too stupid to run really considered bravery?) Stone Giants trying to stop the Conqueror Wurm's path of destruction here and now. As you can see, the paladin is nowhere to be seen. No doubt he died crying back in Fallwick. He will forever be forgotten.

Oh dear. As the band traverses the underground caves, that lead to Hawthorne, they encounter a fierce bunch of undead horrors. It turns out that the army has supplemented its lost numbers by using these undead to try and kill the interlopers.

Nec-bathat lives! Mwahahaha! With the relic recovered, she has been summoned from the Abyss to continue the destruction she begun five years ago. But first she must defeat these insignificant little whelps who foolishly stand before the Goddess of Death!

The survivors of the Nec-bathat battle return to the feast. Not to help care for the wounded, mind you, but to try to exchange their spoils of war for rarities. It makes you wonder whatever happened to those heroes that fought simply to protect the weak and make the world a better place, doesn't it?

The third Trivia contest for the day takes place. After the first one, I did two more contests that consisted of ten questions each and this time everyone who got an answer right got a feast token.

Just because, I took a screenshot of Legolas' chessboard pieces. He introduced the new graphics at the first feast and then used them for a chessboard in Almien ao it was fitting that they make their appearance this year. Further on there's also a checkers board. Early in the day people were earnestly playing both games, but as the day went on they seemed to have lost interest. Every time I went to check on it after the morning hours I found the place empty. Here, I seem to have missed someone who started a Chess game, but left in the middle. Alas.

As the day wound to an end, the feast map emptied and everyone begun to park themselves in Valkon's lottery, waiting for a new lottery ticket to become available and chatting in the interim. The wizards followed with Legolas, Teshuvah, Binyamin, Arilou, Contrare, Valkon, a crushed pixie, and others making appearances before they went off to catch some must needed rest.

Arilou, having napped just before, decided to take this time to eat all the players he could catch. If you look closely, you can see that here I've pinned a Halfling down and am in the process of stuffing his fat self into my mouth. Naturally, this is the end result of toying with my little prey for quite some time, taking chunks out of his meaty hide and "accidentally" releasing him so that I could chase him down once more. While it was fun torturing the bug-eyed creature, I could only resist chowing down on him for so long. Oh and for the record... he was a most delicious meal indeed.

Randorxeous' Screenshots:

Steovanni's Screenshots:

Patriarch's Screenshots:

Well, that's all folks. For now anyway - It's never too late to in-game mail me and let me know you have feast stuff that you want me to include here. So if you're slow on the uptake, no biggie. Anyway, I'll be following this up with at least two more blog posts that are more informative than visual. So check in if you think that might be of interest to you.


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