Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wyvern Videos Segment 2

Welcome to another segment of... *drum roll* Wyvern Videos! Please, please... try to contain your excitement. It's been awhile but for your viewing pleasure, yours truly has compiled another selection of Wyvern videos for you to browse through. Enjoy [or die].

Hentoko Graveyard by Ssalkand

Wyvern LQ Gauntlet by BlazerV60

Wyvern Ancient Vesimas by BlazerV60

32 RD Levels by ICUTUUU

Wyvern Promotional Video by Ssalkand

Hades by ICUTUUU

Wyvern BlazerV RD by BlazerV60

Mykenubie's Ultimate Downfall by Ssalkand

Wyvern on Lag by TheRealCrytearea

Have a Wyvern video that hasn't been included in any of these segments and you want me to mention it? Leave a comment with a proper link and I'll be sure to keep it in mind for future segments.