Friday, April 17, 2009

A glimpse into the mind of little Arilou

The Space Alien

Once a spaceship was going to space. It was going to Mars.The astronauts found a dead monster. Then they heard a noise.They saw that their spaceship was gone.They looked and looked but they could not find the spaceship. Suddenly they heard somebody screaming,SCREEEEEEEAMM!One of the men said,"I think somebody else is on this planet." One of the other men said, "I think it is Lexa." All of the sudden they saw a alien coming. "What?" said on of the men. "Ruun!" said another.They tried to run, but it was hard to run with the spacesuits. The alien caught one of the men and ate him. The rest of the men screamed with fear.Then they ran as fast as they could. Soon they saw a house.It was all green.The door was as big as a 999 story building. All of the sudden the ground shook and shook and shook. Then it stopped. They got very, very, very, very scared, but they were happy that they were not eaten.Then the door opened.They went in and saw they spaceship.Then they went home.

The End.


Anonymous said...

Crazy twist at the end =O!!

Hawkblade said...

Comment wonder you get such good reviews.

Arilou said...

Actually, Hawkblade, I have yet to reject a comment and I have absolutely no problem with allowing negative ones. In fact, there was at least one complainer in an April Fools post from last year.

Of course, I'm not going to let through spam, offensive language, quest information, etc., but legitimate comments of any kind are fine and the main reason I do it this way is just because it's an easy way to be sure I've read every comment.

Anonymous said...

Spaceman Vore! -snuffy