Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wyvern Videos Segment 1

Ever find yourself wondering what Wyvern videos there are out there? Well even if you haven't, there are a growing number of them out in the cyber world (some of which are better than others) and for those of you who might find yourself interested in checking them out, I've compiled a selection of them in this post for your viewing pleasure. Whenever a significant group of new videos comes out I'll do another Wyvern Videos segment on this blog in an attempt to save some of you the endless minutes of searching and to introduce them to those of you who would otherwise never know they existed. Enjoy.

MMA (Minath Monster Arena) by Kohora

Wyvern Battles by BlazerV60

RDing (Random Dungen adventure) by Kohora

Gauntlet by Kohora

Ziggurat by Kohora

Wyvern Gauntlet by Garoodude

Post Nerf Orcus by Kohora

Wyvern by Garoodude

Macabre by Kohora

Wyvern (a promo video) by Kohora

Minath Monster Arena by Irano

Btw, if you ever notice that one of these videos has become unavailable, do me a favor and let me know by leaving a comment that says which one it is so I can edit it out.


Iro/Silico said...

I removed that "Killing Elves" video a while back because the video quality was atrocious. I'll try and make a better video of something else sometime.

Arilou said...

Shame, I'd think players would like to reminisce about fighting in the Elf Houses of old. :-)