Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Tales From Little Arilou

Awhile back I posted a childhood story of mine that I thought some of you might find amusing since it showed that, even at that age, I was writing about people being eaten. Well, as luck would have it, I just recently found a story book that I had completely forgotten about and, long story short, I thought some of my might get a laugh or two out of this one as well.

I don't know what age I was when I wrote this or even what it was for. However, in the original booklet, each paragraph was on a new page and each page had some illustrations that I had cut out and colored. Therefore I would assume the assignment was to create a children's book. Unfortunately, there's no grade or teacher comments on it but, as I'm sure you will agree, if this masterpiece didn't receive an A, I was robbed (robbed I say). Anyway without further ado, I present to you said "masterpiece."

The Little Snowman That multiplied.

Dedicated to all my readers.

Once there was a snowman who was as small as a mouse. Nobody know how he came to be but, he is believed to be a robot. The only thing is he doesn't have any wires inside him. He is made out of real live snow.

One day three children came upon him. The children's names were Joe, Ellen, and Ken. Joe and Ellen were cousins and Ken was their best friend. The three children found the snowman deep in the woods. The children just about lost it when they saw the walking snowman. But, the snowman talked to them and the three kids became friends with the snowman.

"What's your name?" asked Ken.
"I have no name of my own," said the snowman.
"Then we shall call you Jack," said Ellen.

Suddenly, Jack fell into polluted water. He had a big problem. He couldn't stop drinking the water in the lake. He was growing bigger and bigger. The children heard a loud P O P and then, water & snow filled the kids faces.
"Oh no," said Joe. "Jack has now multiplied into two."

The two Jacks quickly gulped up the water. The children pulled the snowmen away from the water but, then, the two snowmen started to suck the water out of Ellen. Ken and Joe pulled the Jacks off of Ellen. Then the snowmen ran out of the woods. The kids were so shocked that they didn't know what to do.

Finally, after a few minutes, the kids ran after the snowmen but, they couldn't find them. So, they went home. They went outside after being in for about half an hour. When they got out there were at least one hundred little snowmen and they all had sharp teeth. One jumped on Ellen's neck and started to suck the water out of it.

She finally got the thing off of her neck. More snowmen jumped on her and the two boys. The snowmen knocked the children down to the ground.

The creatures jumped off the children and started attacking each other. Within minutes, the snowmen had killed each other.

"They got too mean," said Joe.
"Yae," said Ken.
"Let's go home, said Ellen.