Monday, January 7, 2008

Logged Ideas of Wyvern - Act Four

Well it's finally back. The series that you all hate to love. I've been bored with it from the second the idea turned into a reality and I had to actually go through the process of putting it all together. So, let's just get this over with. After tomorrow's entry we are finally done and can move on to something far more interesting. Anyway, as I've said a million times, go to and read the first two paragraphs if you don't know what's going on.

Ideas That Just Don't get it

Oh the Humanity! They just don't get it! They have no idea what we want from the game, they have no idea what balance is, they have no idea... well just read and see for yourself.

2004-04-27 20:11:15: D [wiz/arilou/amita/vault 19 14] A "disown" command, that allows us to drop things and leave them so that others can pick them up

Arilou's reply: Makes sense to me. After all the trouble Rhialto went to code it so you guys can't pick things up your solution is to have him code it so you and choose to abuse the no drop trading rule.

2004-02-04 20:57:20: J [wiz/arilou/amita/store 12 2] Some small reward for recycling

Arilou's reply: Okay, would 1 xp do the trick? You did say a "small" reward afterall...

2004-09-10 18:17:27: K [continent 56 242] summon dinosaur.... lore 12.... life.... ask arilou for monster classes

Arilou's reply: Look up the word "summon." It does not meant to create. A summon spell works in fantasy by summoning a living being from somewhere else in the world (usually nearby) and binding them to your will. Since, as of yet, there are no dinosaurs found to be living in modern times and since you can't summon things through the magic of the well of time (which is highly unstable and never linked to the same place for very long) I fail to see how this would work.

2003-08-29 19:18:48: F [wiz/raeden/burashaan/High_Mountains_6 19 12] i should NOT be able to destroy, corpses or objects or signs on the ground with fireball

Arilou's reply: Of course you should. It forces you to be more careful with your spells, to the point where you might rather use bolt spells over ball spells. But, hey, why do that when you can try to get us to support your recklessness?

2004-01-26 17:38:09: M [wiz/arilou/forgotten_oak/forgottenoakvillage 19 22] let us do something other then quest for guild

Arilou's reply: Well if you insist, I suppose we could make you do mini quests instead. They're just as hard, but you don't get quest points as a reward.

2004-05-02 11:00:36: T [players/thaddiuz/wiz/kiz/samhoc/samhoc 9 8] fountain of energy in samhoc, it would help questers alot

Arilou's reply: I bet it would. As would giving everyone 50,000 levels in sk-healing.

2003-09-14 21:01:15: T [wiz/arilou/forgotten_oak/foi/forgottenoakisland 9 13] change the monks guild quest

Arilou's reply: No.

2003-09-03 15:27:28: N [wiz/arilou/forgotten_oak/undeadunicorns 23 15] if u can see a can 'disarm' it...some times a teleport trap blocks the way int oa quest area and u have to wait for it to unload to try again

Arilou's reply: Or, since we never put traps on teleporters, you could just keep walking into it until you're teleported to the other side. Having to keep walking up against it until you got across may have even been a challenge the mapmaker wanted to present you with.

2003-08-29 19:35:27: F [wiz/raeden/burashaan/High_Mountains_3 17 14] magic trap summons more and stronger monsters but no blindness

Arilou's reply: Eh? ... Oh I get it you want free xp! In that case,What part of the word "trap" did you not understand? Was it the "r" or "t?"

2003-04-22 18:35:12: K [wiz/arilou/forgotten_oak/forgottenoakvillage 38 22] there should be a typo report

Arilou's reply: There is... it's called the bug command... it's like the idea command, only with the word bug instead. Amazing, huh?

2003-09-20 14:48:58: T [wiz/arilou/amita/village 18 20]Earmuffs should block out all channels but LQ.

Arilou's reply: In this person's defense this was written before you could unsubscribe from channels and there did indeed need to be a way to not hear all but one channel if you so wanted to. That said... how self centered do you have to be to think that just because you want to only hear the LQ channel, everyone would be? This is clearly a case of; "What's good for the individual, should be good for the masses."

2003-08-29 19:36:42: F [wiz/raeden/burashaan/High_Mountains_3 18 5] new quests should give less quest points and made easier

Arilou's reply: Well okay, that's not too hard to do. Afterall, it's not like we make quests based on ideas we have and then decide on how many quest points it should be based on how hard the plotline ends up making it. Oh wait...

2004-07-06 13:18:50: S [wiz/thrain/prison/prison2 20 4] A lockpick that relies on lockpicking skill that never runs out!s

Arilou's reply: Sure thing! We just love to make things easier for you!

2003-08-29 19:38:08: F [wiz/raeden/burashaan/High_Mountains_3 18 5] when ur a pixie, or u cast fly, u should actually FLY!! like a hot-air baloon

Arilou's reply: Great idea! Since hot air balloons work by making the balloon non-blocking that means pixies can fly "over" (err... I mean through) walls and ignore mazes, zip through puzzles, and get that treasure in display cases/behind bank fences. Okay, you didn't know that and just wanted code that would allow pixies to go over mountains, but even so there's a reason we don't put balloons in every map that has mountains in them. I think it has something to do with us not wanting you to go over them.

2003-09-25 20:10:57: O [wiz/janica/naga/serpent 28 10] moving 4% faster a level, so at level 25, 100% faster.

Arilou's reply: Or you could just use the magical items that grant additional speed rather than trying to make them useless with your unbalanced and nonsensical ideas.

2003-05-27 07:28:54: W [wiz/arilou/forgotten_oak/undeadunicorns 19 22] make pit monsters killable (they are called hungry pit MONSTERS ,not hungry pit traps)
2003-05-27 07:29:42: W [wiz/arilou/forgotten_oak/undeadunicorns 1 4] its the only monster that cant be killed

Arilou's reply: Actually there are lots of monsters that can't be killed. We give them 9,999,999 hp and/or 9,999,999 ac and/or we put no-kill objects in those maps. Regardless, creative traps need not just be made up of rope, metal, stone, etc. Monsters can be used in creating a trap and limiting us to not being able to be creative with these things (because there is no way we're going to code it so traps can be attackable) is a crime against mapmakers.

2004-03-13 15:29:15: T [wiz/arilou/amita/brownie/westpath 11 8] need . . . healing . . .fountains . . . here

Arilou's reply: No . . . you . . . do . . . not ... although, actually, now that I think about it, healing fountains in training areas sounds like a good idea. Maybe there should be one next to demon lords while we're at it.

2004-03-13 16:23:32: F [wiz/arilou/forgotten_oak/golem_main 12 9] always get at lest 1 exp from all golems ie straw and wood cuz i kill lotso them

Arilou's reply: The whole reason low level monsters don't give xp to higher levels is because people like you kill them a lot. It encourages you leave them alone so lower level players can deal with them (even if you have to pass through a swarm of them without getting xp, you don't have to kill every last one of them so if someone else comes along, they're still there for them) and it prevents players from going through low level maps just to get 39 xp per map without having to worry about death.

2004-03-10 22:44:27: U [wiz/arilou/forgotten_oak/church_basement 11 3] make an artifact key that opens all chests

Arilou's reply: The fun thing about artifacts is that for a short period of time you have it a little easier in the game, but they do not radically change your playing experience. You suddenly can't get free xp by one hitting all powerful monsters and you can't make it so the need to train lockpicking or a magic skill is suddenly gone. At best, there could be an artifact lockpick that gives you more points in the lockpicking skill than the highest one regularly found in the game, but anything more is overpowered.

2004-03-13 08:24:05: V [wiz/arilou/amita/stirge_tunnels 5 6] the raks should see better in the dark

Arilou's reply: Greedy little bugger. You have it so much easier than most at low levels as is.

2004-04-04 11:47:32: S [wiz/arilou/amita/village/path1 5 22]change poisoned sword pic to have agreen blade

Arilou's reply: Green metal = Poison. Since when?

2003-06-04 14:43:01: J [wiz/arilou/amita/westorc 17 7] Ok.. arrows from the creatures are annoying me. Could you make them a little bit less homing like

Arilou's reply: Let me guess, the arrows killed you? Well in that case, sure, instead of training dodge and not fighting groups of them at your level, let's dumb down the game. *thumbs up* Great idea.

2003-07-10 10:04:21: D [continent 145 339] when you get out of a ship it should first check to see if your near land and put on land!

Arilou's reply: It does...unless you're, oh I don't know... swimming.

2004-04-07 19:15:11: A [wiz/arilou/forgotten_oak/castle2 34 11]delete this game

Arilou's reply: Umm... we'll get right on that, sir and/or ma'am.

2004-04-07 19:16:01: A [wiz/arilou/forgotten_oak/castle2 43 24]im jk i like this game but we need to have were people can give other people stuff for free

Arilou's reply: (same person from above) OOhh you were just kidding... well, hey, thanks for wasting space and making it harder for us to get to real ideas. We just LOVE when people do that. But, you only did it that one time so I guess I can...*reads the second part of this last idea*... ah I see, you did it again with that little gem about giving people items for free. Missed the part where we intentionally took it away from ya, eh?

2003-05-02 20:13:59: L [wiz/airick/maps/lq/lq2 15 29]
replace town crier with game driver...ask anyone, they like game driver better

Arilou's reply: Really? Anyone I ask will say they like the game driver better? I seriously doubt that. It's no matter though as we switched it for rp purposes and rather than get that, I suspect you and your friends just blindly like what is familiar to you.

I know what you're thinking, I'm getting meaner as these things go on. Well I spent five and a half hours one morning collecting them all, separating them into groups, and writing replies. As it neared noon, my right hand needed a rest and I wanted to shoot myself for getting myself into this. Copy, paste, ctrl+i, ctrl+b, ctrl+z, type, type, type, edit, go back... ARGH! I'm not sure how yet, but I'm positive that it's all Teshuvah's fault. I just know it is and when I figure it out there will be hell to pay. That or I'll just whine and she'll laugh... it could go either way, folks.


BlazerV said...

Heh, you said that you are getting meaner. I guess a little Binyamin is rubbing off on ya

Arilou said...

I just meant my replies were getting meaner, not that I was getting meaner in general. It was really just a result of doing this for 5 and a half hours one morning and running out of funny things to say while dying just to stop having to deal with. Which I of course didn't let myself do because I wanted to get the whole thing done that same day.

blazerv said...

Oo your dedicated to this blog, not like most people who post like once every 1-2 weeks. You post everyday, you got so many ideas =D.